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The State of Louisiana has entered into a cooperation agreement with LA Energy Partners, LLC, through the Division of Administration. The State CEA with LAEP allows our nine institutions to join the agreement under similar conditions set out in the CEA. 3. The consequences for the public or private association, entity or individual in the event of a breach or breach of the agreement concluded by the association, entity or individual, which include, where applicable, the reimbursement to the local government unit of rebates, tax credits or other incentives or other expenses incurred. B. This cooperation agreement may provide for the investment, seizure, use or payment of private funds and the guarantee of certain financial obligations by the public or private association, entity or individual in order to achieve the objectives set out in the agreement. The agreement indicates how the donation to the project leads to the promotion of a public purpose of local government unity. A.1. As provided in Article VII, Section 14(C) of the Louisiana Constitution, political subdivisions and political entities may enter into a cooperation agreement with any public or private association, entity or entity to implement a local infrastructure project aimed at achieving a public purpose. All capital improvements shall be made on Public lands and for local infrastructure projects in accordance with this Chapter. 2.

As used in this Chapter, a „local government entity” means the political subdivision or political entity entitled to comply with a cooperation agreement under this Chapter. C. The cooperation agreement shall adequately detail the following: this agreement may be executed in any number of counterparties and each counterparty shall be considered as an original instrument, but all such counterparties shall form a single agreement. TO THIS END, the Parties have concluded this Cooperation Agreement with effect from the above-mentioned date. After a brief discussion, Mr Kinchen, seconded by Mr Cox, filed an application to adopt the Board of Directors` decision to continue the Transfer Act with restrictive agreements and to conclude the endeavour cooperative agreement as presented. A cooperation agreement between the Livingston Parish School Board and the City of Albany for the construction and maintenance of a community park was put in place by Mr. Kinchen. Campuses should click on the following links to get references to the ul System Board rule and ppm regarding the immobile property and the steps required for each campus to run its own CEA. We believe that the cooperation agreement has done little to improve HANO operations and that the quality of housing has not improved significantly over the past five years. GPP: Chapter VI – Investment Planning, Real Estate and Related Guidelines (FP-VI). IV.-1 bis) The continuation of the cooperation agreement by HUD beyond its contractual and planned duration is an admission that HUD already acknowledges that HANO cannot work alone. The opportunity includes a 39-year ECA project, consisting of three main elements: Board Rule: PART TWO – CHAPTER VI – FACILITIES PLANNING (SECTIONS I-V), Section IV.