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To learn more about SPEEDHOME`s services, visit speedhome.com or contact us at hello@speedhome.com. 5. Once this is done, your tenant will be informed by SMS of the contract Here are the steps to have your digital lease signed and stamped in just 30 minutes. SPEEDHOME`s lease has a duration of one full year. You must immediately inform SPEEDHOME to 0187777650. The owner is responsible for all costs if he violates the contractual conditions. Do you want to review your lease before the end of the lease? Wondering if there are any additional clauses to be respected before the end of the 12th month? 10. Log in to Speedsign to view the signed agreement. Click „Sign” and follow the remaining steps. What if everything was fine and my landlord was wonderful? Click here to find out how a full lease should end. „With our newly introduced Homerunners service, we now offer the owner a complete end-to-end service, the owner only has to download their property with a smartphone and we take care of the rest of the rental process. From organizing the property visit to providing insurance coverage online to signing the rental agreement, SPEEDHOME will assist the owner from A to Z,” added Whei Meng.

You can log in to view the digital lease on SPEEDMANAGE! 6. Once the contract has been established by your landlord, you will receive an SMS notification to log in and register 3. To start a new agreement, click on the „Create a new agreement” tab 22. Enter the verification card and co-check the two agreements to continue 8. As soon as you see that the agreement on the action has not been signed, click on „Sign” to continue and enter your data. Be sure to read all the clauses to ensure mutual understanding, then click „Continue” Landlords can advertise real estate, screen tenants, use chat services and paperless agreements with the app. Once the deal is done, SPEEDHOME also manages the rents and ensures that everything goes smoothly, with Allianz General offering insurance coverage for the owners` most valuable belongings. There are cases when you need to terminate your agreement earlier than expected. Whether due to work relocations or personal reasons, we understand that this cannot be helped. SPEEDHOME appSPEEDHOME (formerly known as Speedrent) is a platform that allows tenants to rent without a deposit and be better protected with Allianz insurance. SPEEDHOME (or Speedrent) is a platform that omits the use of an agent, but you can directly manage the owner! The SPEEDHOME (or Speedrent) app gives you access to a wide choice of apartments, Rumah Sewa, condominiums, houses and studios. With over 250,000 users and over 25,000 homeowners who have listed their property, SPEEDHOME (or Speedrent) could have your new home in stock! We have listed houses around Klang ValleyOne of the red light districts of the Klang Valley are: Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Bangsar, Damansara, Sentul, Cheras and many more! WHY SPEEDHOME1? More than 250,000 users are confident that it has never been easier to find your home!2.

Partnership and presence with the biggest brand in Malaysia – Allianz, CIMB, The Edge, The Sun, Sin Chew Jit Poh and many more. 3. Instant Connect – Our in-app chat option allows you to contact the owner directly!4. . . .