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Yes, you cannot find in vov8 search in olme schedule agreement types, there you will find LPA. As you have already wished, please „provide a business example for a delivery plan without a delivery plan” and also, from a business point of view, explain what you are trying to configure. Can you clarify the difference between LP and LPA delivery plans? It can be used to inform your supplier of your short-term requirements. This type of schedule indicates the requirements per day or even per hour. LPA – with sharing documentation (see box define Rel doc. to define document types for SA). The head data then gives you an overview of the inputs for the position of the delivery plan. If you use the delivery plan with release documentation, the positions of the delivery plan are not transmitted directly to the supplier. Intially, the lines of the delivery plan stored in the system for an LPA delivery plan are only recorded for internal information. A message informing the supplier of your hardware requirements can only be sent to the supplier if you explicitly create an SA version, i.e. a provisional schedule (FRC) or a just-in-time delivery schedule (JIT). Through this process, you can change the way rankings are presented.

Output documentation allows you to transmit SA versions (delivery plans) to a supplier for a certain period of time from each moment. This allows you to know exactly when you sent what information to the provider. Are these types of supporting documents in VOV8? &Is it called LP DS and LPA is called IRC? The rankings of a delivery plan release contain finalized information for the supplier about quantities and delivery dates. Classifications are recorded using the publication document and can be viewed and verified at any time. In the release document. B you can see the dates you have communicated to the supplier in the last two weeks and check the accuracy of the goods entries according to the relevant classifications. The Sch agreement with LPA is used for JIT delivery. Please send me your personal email ID. I send the screenshot for LPA For delivery plans with release documentation, you can view the finalized delivery plan information transmitted to the supplier. I answered Sumanth`s question assuming that he inquired about document types (LP &LPA) in SA, which led to a delivery plan with release doc (FRC &JIT) and without release Doc. I You can use the delivery plan with or without a release document. The advantage of working with the delivery plan release documentation is that you always have a set of data about when you sent what delivery plan information to your supplier that you can view at any time.

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